Ti a Fi Trefdraeth

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings
9.45am - 11.15am
The New Building (next to the changing rooms), Newport / Trefdraeth

Dear Parent / Guardian
Welcome to Newport Playgroup!

We are a registered charity and we aim to:
• Provide a happy and safe environment for children to learn and develop through play.
• Promote self - awareness and encourage the skills of being a kind and sharing friend.
• Develop a basic knowledge of how to follow simple instructions.
• Follow a varied program of activities, such as painting, glueing, sticking, cutting and marking.
• Follow a healthy eating and lifestyle policy.
• Introduce the use of the Welsh language through play and songs. Vocabulary and song sheets are available from the playgroup.
• Offer a friendly place for mums, dads & carers to meet and share their experiences, skills and enjoy tea and coffee!

Structure of the Session:
1. Greet the children.
2. Free choice of activities.
3. Set up the craft table and encourage children to participate.
4. Tidy up.
5. Snack time.
6. Story/songs/music and movement.
7. Going home song.

We hope that you and your children enjoy the playgroup sessions.
We try to make a safe, healthy and happy environment, so there are a few points that we ask you to read and take note of:
• Your first session is a free trial session.
• The cost of each session is £1 per adult plus £1 per child over 12 months.
• Babies under 12 months are free.
• Please try to arrive on time.
• Please do not open the door to anyone unless you have been designated to do so.
• Please take used nappies and wipes away with you and leave the toilets clean and tidy.
• You are responsible for the safety and security of your own child.
• We encourage parents to help with getting equipment out, putting things away and snack time.

For more information email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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