It is important to keep people connected with local services, able to attend medical appointments, participate in community activities or be in touch with their friends and family.

If you or someone you know does not have a car or access to suitable public transport the local voluntary "Country Cars" service should be able to assist.

These trips enrich lives and add to the pleasure of day to day living for many and reduce feelings of loneliness, especially for those who live alone or in an isolated location. Whether the person in need lives in the countryside or in a town or village, Country Cars can help keep them mobile.

The service is door to door and cheaper and more convenient than a taxi. Volunteers use their own vehicles to take people on trips and accessible vehicles can also be used by special arrangement.

If a lift is required, let the Newport area organisers, Ken and Gaynor Davies know (Telephone 01239 820090) in good time if possible, and they will get back to you to arrange transport and a time to pick you up.

When Ken and Gaynor are not available, please telephone the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) Community Transport manager, Lewis Payne on 07875 171664

RVS stands for the Royal Voluntary Service (formerly the Women's Royal Voluntary Service) which organises Country Cars amongst other services in Pembrokeshire (Telephone Susan Meister 07714898608) ""



All the Community Groups listed on this site are run by volunteers. They are all looking for new members, participants and organisers to get involved and make them a success. Please contact the relevant group's listed organiser if you are interested in getting involved.

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