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The project is aimed at the most vulnerable people who are struggling with their energy use and those who are suffering with cold and damp related illnesses due to not having adequate heating and insulation.

The Cosy Homes Advisor will be available to look at options, solutions, grants and funding that can be accessed to help finance the measures required.

The Cosy Home Adviser will also support the client through the whole process to ensure that the vulnerable and the infirm are able to heat their homes adequately and at a reasonable cost.

The Cosy Homes Advisor project is funded by Pembrokeshire County Council.

Individuals and households can be referred to the project by frontline workers and partner organisations (e.g. Age Concern, Social Services, the Royal Voluntary Service RVS).

For more information contact Tina Shevlin
(Cosy Homes Advisor Project Officer) 07527343334
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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