The idea of setting up the Community Forum arose from very well attended community visioning workshops (organised by Planed - Pembrokeshire Local Action Network for Enterprise & Development. and these also formed the basis of a Newport Action Plan adopted in May 2004.

What benefits are there for individuals & local groups?
The Forum is open to anyone living in the area of benefit or who has an affinity with Newport. It brings together local organisations, groups and individuals to work to improve and sustain a high quality of life for everyone.

By becoming involved in the Forum you can learn about other local groups and what they do. The Forum can help to inform other people about your group and we can all discover how to work together and with other organisations and statutory authorities to the benefit of the community.

Because the Forum provides a means of consultation and the opportunity to work in partnership by engaging a wide range of people and organisations, it can clearly demonstrate community support. This is respected by grant giving bodies and can be of assistance in fund raising. As the Forum is a constituted body with a bank account, member groups are able to apply for funding through us.

What has Newport Community Forum achieved so far?
One of the Forum's main achievements is to form working groups that have gone on to become independent or largely independent. These include The Newport Area Environment Group and Newport History Society and more recently the Preseli Practice Patient Group, and Newport Community Library Working Group.

The Forum is also the umbrella group for Newport Good Neighbour Scheme and tries to bring together to network all other local voluntary neighbourhood support groups.   Since 2013, the Forum has been seeking to establishMaterion Carningli/Newport Area Community Matterswhich aims to asset map what people of the Newport area, including second home owners, can offer to help community groups and individuals in need, using a paid coordinator to match these together.

In 2009, a new (3rd) Action Plan for Newport was written by Newport Forum members and during 2013 and 2014 work began on updating this.  A statement describing Newport today Towards Newport Action Plan 2014 was published and is available from the Forum secretary or PLANED. Subsequently, Action Plan proposals were updated in cooperation with Newport Town Councillors and the resulting RAG sheets are available in Newport Community Library.

Most recently, the Forum has run a public meeting to Save Newport Visitor Centre for the Community, out of which Newport Visitor Centre Action Group was formed. Subsequently, the Town Council reported to the National Park that the Council had “agreed in principle to acquire the Visitor Centre and Newport Town Council formed Newport Visitor Centre Working Group on which 4 members of the Forum/NVCAG are invitees.

For more information about the Forum, please contact Ken Davies Chairman on 01239 820090 or Sandra Bayes Secretary on 1239 820889



All the Community Groups listed on this site are run by volunteers. They are all looking for new members, participants and organisers to get involved and make them a success. Please contact the relevant group's listed organiser if you are interested in getting involved.

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