An attractive, bustling coastal town between Fishguard and Cardigan on the A487 road, Newport boasts both a Norman Castle and Church, which stand proudly above this small medieval town on the slopes of Carn Ingli mountain. Ancient streets and pathways lead directly to the river Nevern (Nyfer) Estuary which is teeming with wildlife.

Uniquely situated at the edge of the enchanting Preseli Hills, Newport is an ideal centre for touring the many ancient Celtic monuments to be found in this Welsh-speaking area of the National Park.  The Welsh name, Trefdraeth, can be translated as 'town by the beach' - a long, golden stretch of sand protected by craggy headlands. Ideal for swimming, windsurfing, sailing and canoeing, other activities to be enjoyed here are golf, tennis, horse-riding, cycling, fishing and birdwatching.  The town has a variety of shops, a weekly market selling local produce together with numerous pubs and restaurants which provide extensive menus, including locally caught sewin, lobster and crab.  Accommodation is varied and plentiful.

Visitors return time and time again to this picturesque little town to enjoy the peace and tranquility of its ancient, winding lanes, the exhilaration of superb coastal views and the warmth and hospitality of its residents.



11th November in the Memorial Hall

                                  SUPPORTING TEAM NEWPORT



Don’t miss this chance to find out who does what and what goes on in Newport !

Newport Community Forum are bringing together local groups and organisations to show-case what they do and tell people about what is happening locally.  

Prizes for posters designed by Ysgol Bro Ingli school children and for best picture depicting volunteering.

If your group hasn’t yet been asked to stand but would like to, or if you would like to make a contribution to the event by way of unwanted books or bric a brac or a raffle prize, please get in touch with Reg Atkinson on 01239 820889 

If you can help somebody else to come – who maybe hasn’t got transport or would prefer not to be alone - please think of doing so.  For lifts, contact Country Cars 01239 820809, giving as much notice as possible.

Time Banking more information : contact Lee Hind at PAVS 01437 769422

Sandra Bayes, Secretary Newport and District Community Forum  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.











At last the rain had abated to provide a window in the weather for the Skate Park Team to attack the damaged ramps.
Councilor Karl Wright ably assisited by Andrew Griffiths and the staff of PROPERY REFURB LTD, secured the new surfaces to the ramps, replacing those which had collapsed.
These ramps had been in place for some 10 years and the plywood substructure had rotted to the degree that it could no longer support the hard surface.
The new units are more robust with fibreglass backing so these should be able to stand for several years.
The youth of Newport can now get back to their erstwhile skateboard activities and grateful thanks goes out to PROPERT REFURB LTD. for their assisitance in this task.

Skate Park Team r





On Sunday the 20th December the 'Flood Prevention Team' of the *'Old GITS Club'* valiantly braved life and limb to clear the blocked culvert at the Cwm.
Due to this blockage hundreds of residents and holiday makers had to take their life in their hands wading through the torrent of water which was cascading over the costal path at the Cwm.  Risking being swept of the path into the raging seas.
Our gallant heros, foresaking all risk to life and limb, bravely waded into the torrent to clear the blockage.  It was feared that the pressure of water would wash away the structure, which the National Park Authority had only this year replaced, at any moment taking our intrepid stalwarts with it.  But, in front of the crowd which had gathered, they bravely struggled on and due to thier sterling efforts, the culvert was cleared and the public were once more able to safely cross the Cwm.

Gits Flood Prevent r

The Old GITS Flood Prevention Team.

** Contrary to popular belief, 'GITS' is not a derogatry term but in this instance refers to
the Gentlemens Imbubative Transcendental Spirantation Club