Newport is a small coastal town between Fishguard and Cardigan on the A487. It has a Norman Castle and Church standing above the small medieval town on the slopes of Carn Ingli mountain. Ancient streets and pathways lead down to the Nevern (Nyfer) Estuary which is teeming with wildlife.

Sitting at the foot of the beautiful Preseli Hills, Newport is an ideal base for visiting the many ancient Celtic monuments, and the other sites and activities in this Welsh-speaking area of the National Park.  The Welsh name, Trefdraeth, can be translated as 'town by the beach' - a long, silver stretch of sand protected by craggy headlands and backed by sand dunes. It's ideal for swimming, windsurfing, sailing and canoeing . There's also an 18 hole Golf course , tennis courts, horse-riding, cycling, fishing and birdwatching.  The town has a variety of shops, a weekly market selling local produce and plenty of pubs and restaurants with extensive menus, including pizzas, locally sourced food, lobster and crab.  There is a wide variety of B&Bs, self catering and hotel accommodation.(see Things to Do page)

Visitors return time and time again to Newport to enjoy its peace and tranquility, winding country lanes, the exhilaration of superb coastal views and the warmth and hospitality of its residents.



Talk to your Assembly Member Paul Davies

 Newport 8 November 19 Surgery compressed

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New Kerbside Collection - come and talk to PCC Environment Officers in the Information Centre on Long Street. 

Waste collection poster scan 2



Registration has opened online for larger families who want to request extra residual waste bags as part of Pembrokeshire’s new waste and recycling scheme (families of six people and over). 

Details of how to register can be found at

Households with six or seven people will be able to put out one extra green bag every three weeks

Households with eight or nine people will be able to put out two extra green bags every three weeks


As the launch date nears, the public are being urged to read their leaflet or view the Council’s website at if they have questions relating to the new arrangements. 




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Road Closures Monday 23rd September 2019 for 5 days

Feidr Bentick Newport plan






ADRAN 14(2)" alt="pastedGraphic.png">

Mae Cyngor Sir Penfro yn rhoi rhybudd trwy hyn y bydd y cyfyngiad(au) canlynol, fel mae’r rhybudd hwn yn nodi, yn berthnasol yn ystod y dyddiadau a’r amserau sydd wedi eu nodi.  


Math o Gyfyngiad:-

Gwahardd Traffig Cerbydau Dros Dro (Cau Ffordd)


Cau dwy ffordd yn agos at Drefdraeth:-

Feidr Bentick – o’r gyffordd â Goat Street, i’r de i’r gyffordd â Feidr Eglwys

Feidr Eglwys – o’r gyffordd â’r fynedfa i’r eiddo o’r enw Drwysnant, i’r gorllewin i’r gyffordd â Feidr Bentick

Dyddiadau / amserau gweithredu:-

Dydd Llun 23 Medi 2019 am 5 diwrnod

Y rheswm dros y 


Gwaith ceblau trydan i ddatblygiad tai newydd

Ffordd amgen:-   

Bydd y llwybr amgen yn cael ei bennu ac arwyddion priodol yn cael eu gosod wrth i’r gwaith ddatblygu, a bydd y llwybr drwyddo i’r Cilgwyn yn cael ei gynnal 

Ni fydd y cyfyngiadau y mae’r rhybudd hwn yn eu gorfodi yn berthnasol i’r cerbydau hynny sy’n gysylltiedig â’r gwaith, cerbydau’r gwasanaethau brys na mynediad gan gerbydau at eiddo yr effeithir arnynt lle bo modd a byddant yn berthnasol yn unig yn ystod yr amserau hynny ac i’r graddau hynny y bydd arwyddion traffig yn eu dangos.   

Bwriedir y bydd y gwaith wedi ei gwblhau o fewn y cyfnod o amser sydd wedi ei nodi uchod. Fodd bynnag, gall y rhybudd hwn barhau i fod mewn grym am gyfnod o ddim mwy na 5 diwrnod os bydd angen.      

Bydd modd cerdded yno tra bydd yr heol wedi ei chau.   

Dyddiedig: 16 Medi 2019

Darren Thomas

Pennaeth Isadeiledd

Cyngor Sir Penfro

Neuadd y Sir







SECTION 14(2)" alt="pastedGraphic.png">

Pembrokeshire County Council hereby gives notice that the following restriction(s) as detailed in the schedule to this notice will apply during the dates and times specified.


Restriction Type:-

Temporary Prohibition of Vehicular Traffic (Road Closure)


Two road closures in close proximity in Newport :-

Fedir Bentick – from its junction with Goat Street, south to its junction with Feidr Eglwys

Feidr Eglwys – from its junction with the access to the property known as Drwysnant, west to its junction with Feidr Bentick

Operational dates / times:-

Monday 23rd September 2019 for 5 days

Reason for restriction:-   

Electricity cabling works to new housing development

Alternative route:-   

The alternative route will be determined and signed accordingly as works progress, and a route through to the Cilgwyn will be maintained.

The restrictions imposed by this notice will not apply to those vehicles associated with the works, emergency service vehicles or vehicular access to affected properties where practicable and will only apply during such times and to such extent as indicated by traffic signs.

It is intended that works are completed within the time period stated above, however this notice may continue in force for a maximum duration of 5 days if necessary.

Pedestrian access will be maintained for the duration of the closure.

Dated: 16th September 2019

Darren Thomas

Head of Infrastructure

Pembrokeshire County Council

County Hall



Road Closure Feidr Eglwys from 17th September for 5 days

Notice Welsh

Notice Eng

The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales has launched a Facebook page!Comisiynydd Pobl Hŷn Cymru wedi lansio tudalen Facebook! 


Yma yn swyddfa’r Comisiynydd, rydyn ni'n dathlu'r ffaith ein bod ni’n byw bywydau hirach ac iachach, ac rydyn ni'n deall pwysigrwydd ychwanegu bywyd at y blynyddoedd, nid dim ond blynyddoedd at fywyd. 

Mae clywed gan bobl hŷn am y pethau sydd bwysicaf iddyn nhw yn hanfodol er mwyn helpu i arwain a dylanwadu ar ein gwaith ni, ac rydyn ni eisiau defnyddio Facebook fel llwyfan i gael sgwrs agored a gonest gyda phobl hŷn a rhanddeiliaid ledled Cymru.

Rydyn ni eisiau clywed gan bobl hŷn ynglŷn â beth sy'n gweithio’n dda, a beth sydd angen ei wella. Rydyn ni eisiau i bobl hŷn rannu eu barn am sut brofiad yw mynd yn hŷn yng Nghymru heddiw, a chlywed eu syniadau am y ffyrdd gorau o gyflawni newid oherwydd drwy gydweithio fe allwn ni helpu i wneud Cymru y lle gorau yn y byd i fynd yn hŷn ynddo.

Os hoffech chi gael yr wybodaeth ddiweddaraf am waith y Comisiynydd, mae croeso i chi hoffi, dilyn a rhannu ein tudalen yma:

The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales has launched a Facebook page! 

Here at the Commissioner’s office, we celebrate the fact that we are living longer, healthier lives and we understand the importance of adding life to years, not just years to life. 

Hearing from older people about the things that matter to them most is vital in helping to guide and shape our work and we want to use Facebook as a platform to have an open and honest conversation with older people and stakeholders throughout Wales.

We want to hear from older people about what is working well, and what needs to be improved. We want older people to share their opinions about what it’s like growing older in Wales today and hear their ideas on the best ways to deliver change because by working together, we can help to make Wales the best place in the world to grow older.

If you would like to keep up to date with the Commissioner’s work, feel free to like, follow and share our page here:

Heneiddio yn Dda yng Nghymru / Ageing Well in Wales

Comisiynydd Pobl Hŷn Cymru / Older People’s Commissioner for Wales

Adeiladau Cambrian / Cambrian Buildings
Sgwâr Mount Stuart / Mount Stuart Square
Caerdydd / Cardiff, CF10 5FL

Rydym yn croesawu derbyn gohebiaeth yn Gymraeg. Byddwn yn ateb gohebiaeth a dderbynnir yn Gymraeg yn Gymraeg ac ni fydd gohebu yn Gymraeg yn arwain at oedi // We welcome receiving correspondence in Welsh, we will respond to correspondence in Welsh and corresponding in Welsh will not lead to delay

Ffôn / Tel029 2044 5046

Rydym yn croesawu galwadau yn Gymraeg // We welcome calls in Welsh

Dilynwch ni ar Twitter @HeneiddioynDda / Follow us on Twitter @AgeingWellCymru

Pembrokeshire Inspired ENGLISH 1Pembrokeshire Inspired ENGLISH2Pembrokeshire Inspired ENGLISH3Pembrokeshire Inspired CYMRAEG 1Pembrokeshire Inspired CYMRAEG2Pembrokeshire Inspired CYMRAEG3Referendum Result -:

new doc 2019 06 21 18.27.10Added 22nd June 2019




Poster re Reg

19th June 2019

For a copy of a form please contact 

Newport Town Council

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ffurflen enwebu gwobr Cymraeg v4

 Welsh Award Nomination Form v5

Added 18th June 2019

Notice of appointment exercise electors rights 18 19 001

13th June 2019








Feidr Eglwys, Newport –from its junction with College Square, east to its junction with Feidr Bentick


Feidr Eglwys plan

Notice Welsh4th JuneNotice Eng 4th June

Added 4th June 2019

Invitations to tender for

                                        1. Christmas Lights

                                        2.Grass Cutting and Hedge Trimming    

Tender advert

7th March 2019

Temporary Prohibition of Vehicular Traffic (Road Closure) Feidr Eglwys

Notice Eng

Notice WelshFeidr Eglwys Newport plan

7th March 2019







I wanted to bring to your attention that we are installing Electric Vehicle (EV) Charge points in our car parks which are within your community. The contractor has now started on site.


We will be installing 4 EV charge points in the car parks listed below. The 4 bays will be dedicated to EV charging vehicles and will be time limited. Whilst parking in the charge bay to charge there will still be a requirement to Pay and Display whilst charges are in place in the car park.  As you are aware there is a national push towards EV charging and as an authority we are rolling out these out over the next few months, with the aim of going live by the end of March 2019. There is an increasing number of EV charge vehicles being purchased and having charge facility in our car parks will support the current push away from diesel and petrol vehicles.


The EV points will be advertised through the web site and associated mobile apps and we envisage anyone in the area will then utilise the charge facilities, it could actually bring more people into the area if they know they can charge up.

The first Phase (Phase 1) is a roll out of 16 ‘fast’ charge posts (32 sockets) at 8 council car park locations (to be up and running by April):


Hwest Multi – Replacing and upgrading existing

Tenby Multi Storey (Top Floor)

Milford Haven Charles St

Pembroke Dock Gordon St

Narberth Town Moor

St Dogmaels High St

Newport Long St

Fishguard West St




Transport for Wales Rail Services - Express your views
Transport for Wales Rail Services (TfWrail) is undertaking station audits across all stations in the Wales & Borders franchise area. 
·  This work is to be completed by end of March, after which time it will develop its plans for station improvements. 
·  They are looking at all areas of the station including, platforms, station buildings, car parking, accessibility, safety, communication, information, etc.
The North Pembrokeshire Transport Forum wishes to participate in this exercise, and is gathering views / ideas on the stations within our area that could be improved. 
If you have any thoughts about all of this would you kindly us know as soon as possible, so that we may pass the information on to TFWrail by the end of February. 
Send your comments to:
The Secretary, North Pembrokeshire Transport Forum
   Post:  2 Hill Terrace, Fishguard SA65 9LU, or
   Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For further information, telephone 01348 87217.


Emergency Road Closure – King Street, Newport


Please find attached a public notice and plan relating to an emergency road closure at King Street, Newport.

It is anticipated that the repair works will be completed within 2 days.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.





7th February 2019

Temporary Road Closure / Cau Ffordd Dros Dro – Class III (C3043) Cwm Gwaun to Cilgwyn road


I attach for your information a copy of the public notice and location plan relating to the above mentioned closure. 

Access for emergency service vehicles will be maintained where practicable.  (Note – due to the nature of certain types of work e.g. deep excavations, dangerous structures etc. it is not always possible to allow unrestricted access along the full length of road.

If this is not within your area, please disregard.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Er gwybodaeth, rwy’n amgáu copi o’r hysbysiad cyhoeddus a’r cynllun lleoliad sy’n ymwneud â’r hyn a nodir uchod.

Bydd mynediad i gerbydau’r gwasanaethau brys yn cael ei gynnal lle bo’n ymarferol. (Noder - oherwydd natur rhai mathau o waith e.e. tyllu’n ddwfn, adeileddau peryglus ac ati, nid yw bob amser yn bosibl caniatáu mynediad anghyfyngedig ar hyd y ffordd gyfan.

Os nad yw hyn o fewn eich ardal, anwybyddwch os gwelwch yn dda.

Ymddiheuriadau am unrhyw anghyfleustra a achoswyd

Kind regards/Cofion cynnes




Sophie O'Connor

Traffic and Road Safety Technician

Technegydd Traffig a Diogelwch y Ffyrdd

Pembrokeshire County Coucil/ Cyngor Sir Benfro



22nd January 2019


 Parrog Road Feidr Ganol Newport




! ! NOTICE is hereby given that Pembrokeshire Count y Council intend, not less than seven days from the date of this Notice, to make an Order under Section 14 of the Road Trafflc Regulation Act 1984 as amended by the Road Trafflc (Temporary Restrictions) Act 1991.

The proposed Order is necessary so t hat drainage works and ut ilit y connect ions t o a new housing est at e can be carried out .
The effect of t he Order will be t o t emporarily prohibit all vehicular trafflc other than exempted vehicles from proceeding along those sections of road identifled in the schedule to this notice.

The works will be carried out in two stages with the alternative route signed accordingly as the works progress. Temporary trafflc control will be erected on Feidr Ganol during the closure of Parrog Road to aid movement along t his narrow road.

Pedestrian access will be maintained for the duration of the closure.
It is int ended t hat t he rest rict ions, which will be signed accordingly, will come into effect on Monday 4t
h February 2019 and remain in force for approximately 3 weeks.
The Order will remain valid for a maximum period of 12 months as a contingency should the works need to be rescheduled or in the event of any unforeseen circumst ances.
Dated this 18t
h January 2019

Darren Thomas
Head of Infrastructure Pembrokeshire County Council County Hall





Alt ernat ive Rout e


Parrog Road, Newport —from its junction with the A487(T) north to it s junct ion wit h Feidr Ganol


A487(T), Maes Cnwce and Feidr Ganol


Feidr Ganol, Newport —From its junction with Parrog Road, west to its junction with the access to the propert y known as Morannedd


Parrog Road, A487(T) and Maes Cnwce





                                                                                                                         HYSBYSIR drwy hyn fod Cyngor Sir Penfro yn bwriadu gwneud Gorchymyn o dan Adran 14 o Ddeddf Rheoleiddio Traffig Ffyrdd 1984 fel y'i diwygiwyd gan Ddeddf Traffig Ffyrdd (Cyfyngiadau Dros Dro) 1991, o fewn saith diwrnod i ddyddiad yr Hysbysiad hwn.

Mae angen y Gorchymyn arfaethedig fel y gellir gwneud gwaith ar systemau draenio a chysylltu cyfleustodau ag ystad dai newydd.

Effaith y Gorchymyn fydd gwahardd traffig cerbydol dros dro heblaw cerbydau esempt rhag mynd ar hyd y rhannau hynny o'r ffyrdd a nodir yn yr atodlen i'r hysbysiad hwn.

Gwneir y gwaith mewn dau gam gydag arwyddion yn cael eu codi i ddangos y llwybr amgen wrth i'r gwaith fynd yn ei flaen.  Rhoddir mesurau rheoli traffig dros dro ar waith ar Feidr Ganol tra bydd Parrog Road ar gau er mwyn hwyluso symud ar hyd y ffordd gul hon.

Cynhelir mynediad i gerddwyr tra bydd y ffordd ar gau.

Bwriedir i'r cyfyngiadau ddod i rym ddydd Llun 4 Chwefror 2019 a pharhau felly am tua thair wythnos.

Bydd y Gorchymyn yn parhau i fod yn ddilys am hyd at 12 mis rhag ofn y bydd angen aildrefnu'r gwaith neu os bydd unrhyw amgylchiadau annisgwyl yn codi.

Dyddiedig y 18fed diwrnod hwn o fis Ionawr 2019

Darren Thomas

Penaneth Seilwaith

Cyngor Sir Penfro 

Neuadd y Sir




Llwybr Amgen

Parrog Road, Trefdraeth – o'i chyffordd â'r A487(T) tua'r gogledd hyd at ei chyffordd â Feidr Ganol

Yr A487(T), Maes Cnwce a Feidr Ganol

Feidr Ganol, Trefdraeth – o'i chyffordd â Parrog Road, tua'r gorllewin hyd at ei chyffordd â mynedfa'r eiddo a elwir yn 'Morannedd'

Parrog Road, yr A487(T) a Maes Cnwce

Skatepark Open!

The skatepark has been passed by the PCC inspector and its insurance reinstated.

Thank you for your patience.

We hope you enjoy the new fixed and amended ramp.


6th December 2018

Newport Community Forum Questionnaire

Newport Engagement Officer: Tina Shevlin

Hi all,

I would like to introduce myself as the Newport Community Forum Engagement Officer.

Hopefully, everyone who lives in the Newport Ward should have been sent a questionnaire to find out more about both the wishes and needs of our community.

The aim of this survey is to get the community involved in the organisation of events and activities, as well as helping and supporting those in need.

Yes, we are looking for volunteers but we also need your ideas about what is needed to bring the community of Newport together.

I have received great feedback from many residents already, but still need more people to fill in the survey!

As you may know, this is a lottery-funded project that the Newport Community Forum has been able to obtain as a grant and I really would like you all to have your say.

I plan to be out and about during the month of December finding out what you really think about what can be done to support our local community.

Tina Shevlin 

Have your say!
Can you help?
Your views matter.
I have more copies of the questionnaire!

Get in touch: Tina 07538 642928



 5th December 2018                              


Iard Y Parrog     Parrog Yard


About this development

Iard Y Parrog is a development of 8 houses and apartments located on Parrog Road, and built on the site of the former Parrog Yard and neighbouring Newport Pottery.

The £1 million scheme will provide eight modern, energy efficient, easy-to-maintain homes. The apartments will be a mix of four two bedroom houses, two one bedroom flats, and two two  bedroom apartments.

Formerly owned by Newport Town Council, the site was used as a private car park in recent years.

Haverfordwest-based Contractors WB Griffiths started work on site in spring 2018 and are due to complete by spring 2019.

To find out who to contact and how to apply go to

How to apply English

Ynglŷn â’r datblygiad hwn

Mae Iard Y Parrog yn ddatblygiad sy’n cynnwys 8 o dai a fflatiau a leolir yn Ffordd Parrog, sydd wedi’u hadeiladu ar hen safle Iard y Parrog a Chrochendy Treftdraeth sydd gerllaw.

Bydd y cynllun sy’n werth £1 miliwn yn darparu wyth o gartrefi modern hawdd i’w cynnal ac sy’n defnyddio ynni mewn ffordd effeithlon.  Bydd y fflatiau yn gymysgedd o bedwar tŷ dwy ystafell wely, dau fflat un ystafell wely, a dau fflat dwy ystafell wely.

Roedd y safle yn eiddo i Gyngor Tref Trefdraeth yn flaenorol, ac fe’i ddefnyddiwyd fel maes parcio preifat dros y blynyddoedd diwethaf.

Dechreuodd y contractwyr o Hwlffordd, WB Griffiths, weithio ar y safle yn ystod y gwanwyn 2018, a disgwylir iddynt ei gwblhau erbyn y gwanwyn 2019.

Sut i wneud cais


30th November 2018


The Skate Park has been fixed and improved by Ramps from Llanelli.

The park should not be used until inspected by PCC, when the padlock on the gate will be removed. We have requested the inspection be done urgently so we can reopen the park.

 Thank you for your patience.

23rd November 2018


Gwasanaethau Bysiau Sir Benfro Holiadur Ymgynghori    


Link to survey download

Mae dros 30 o wasanaethau bws lleol yn gweithredu yn Sir Benfro. Tra bo rhai o’r rhain yn cael eu gweithredu’n fasnachol gan gwmnïau bysiau, caiff y mwyafrif llethol eu noddi gan y Cyngor. 

Yn ystod y 6 blynedd diwethaf bu nifer o newidiadau i wasanaethau o ganlyniad i leihau cyllideb gludiant Llywodraeth Cymru a’r Cyngor ei hun. Yn anffodus, oherwydd pwysau ychwanegol ar y gyllideb, mae’r Cyngor wedi gweld bod angen lleihau mwy ar y gyllideb sydd ar gael i wasanaethau cludo teithwyr.

Er mwyn sicrhau bod y newidiadau i wasanaethau’n cael yr effaith negyddol leiaf, mae’n bwysig ein bod yn cael eich ymateb. Byddwch gystal ag ateb y cwestiynau canlynol.

Ar ôl ei ateb, rhowch eich holiadur i yrrwr y bws neu ei anfon i’r Uned Gludiant, Cyngor Sir Penfro, Neuadd y Sir, Hwlffordd, SA61 1TP. Mae’r holiadur hwn i’w gael ar-lein hefyd. Y dyddiad cau ar gyfer ateb holiaduron yw 31ain Rhagfyr 2018. Bydd ymateb i’r penderfyniadau sy’n cael eu gwneud ar wasanaethau bysiau Sir Benfro ar gael ar wefan y Cyngor a thrwy’r cyfryngau lleol.

I gael gwybodaeth am wasanaethau bysiau yn Sir Benfro, ymwelwch ag a chlicio ar Llwybrau ac Amserlenni Bysiau.



Pembrokeshire Bus Services Consultation Questionnaire

Link to survey download

There are over 30 local bus services operating in Pembrokeshire. Whilst some of these are operated commercially by bus companies, the vast majority are subsidised by the Council.

Over the past 6 years there have been a number of service changes as the result of the Welsh Government and the Council’s own budget for transport being reduced. Unfortunately, due to further budget pressures, the Council has identified a need to further reduce the budget available for passenger transport services.

In order to ensure that the service changes implemented have the least negative impact it is important that we obtain your feedback. Please answer the following questions.

Please hand your completed questionnaire to the bus driver or send to –

Transport Unit, Pembrokeshire County Council, County Hall, Haverfordwest, SA61 1TP. This questionnaire is also available online. The closing date for completed questionnaires is 31st December 2018. Feedback on the decisions that are made on Pembrokeshire bus services will be made available on the Council’s website and via the local media.

For information about bus services in Pembrokeshire, visit and click on View Bus Routes and Timetables.


 18th November 2018



Pembrokeshire households are being urged to sign up for Pembrokeshire County Council’s free notification service as the countdown to Christmas begins.

Households and businesses serviced by Pembrokeshire County Council’s waste collections scheduled for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays will be affected as the new arrangements take place.

Monday collections remain unchanged.

Notify sends an E-mail or SMS text message to service users the day before their next collection is due telling them what bins to put out on the kerbside.

Over 4,000 text messages have already been sent out to registered users. Users who register for ‘Notify’ will avoid any confusion given the service tells them when their next collection is and what bins will be collected we encourage all householders to sign up.”

For more information and to sign up for weekly waste reminders visit Sign Up 



Wrth i'r Nadolig agosáu, mae cartrefi yn Sir Benfro yn cael eu hannog i gofrestru ar gyfer gwasanaeth hysbysu rhad ac am ddim Cyngor Sir Penfro. 

Bydd y cartrefi a'r busnesau a wasanaethir gan gasgliadau gwastraff Cyngor Sir Penfro sydd wedi'u trefnu ar gyfer dydd Mawrth, dydd Mercher, dydd Iau a dydd Gwener yn cael eu heffeithio wrth i'r trefniadau newydd gael eu rhoi ar waith. 

Ni fydd casgliadau dydd Llun yn newid.

Mae'r gwasanaeth ‘Notify’ yn anfon neges e-bost neu neges destun at ddefnyddwyr gwasanaethau ddiwrnod cyn y casgliad nesaf yn dweud wrthynt pa finiau i'w rhoi ar ymyl y ffordd.

Mae dros 4,000 o negeseuon eisoes wedi cael eu hanfon at ddefnyddwyr cofrestredig.

“Mae hon yn well system ar gyfer cartrefi, a bydd y defnyddwyr gwasanaethau sy'n cofrestru ar gyfer ‘Notify’ yn osgoi unrhyw ddryswch gan fod y gwasanaeth yn dweud wrthynt pryd y bydd y casgliad nesaf a pha finiau a fydd yn cael eu casglu. Rwy'n annog pob cartref i gofrestru.”

I gael rhagor o wybodaeth, ac i gofrestru ar gyfer nodau atgoffa wythnosol, ewch i Sign Up


Christmas Bin Collecions


13th November 2018 


 Welsh Government Armed Forces Veterans and Families.

Dear colleague, I would be hugely grateful if the information below could be circulated via members and networks. 

Ymarfer cwmpasu Gyn-filwyr Mae tîm Llywodraeth y Lluoedd Arfog yn cynnal ymarfer cwmpasu er mwyn nodi bylchau mewn gwasanaethau i gyn-filwyr a'u teuluoedd yng Nghymru. 
Hoffwn glywed gennych os ydych yn gyn-wasanaeth / yn gyn-filwr, yn aelod o'r teulu rywun sydd wedi gwasanaethu neu sefydliad sy'n gweithio gyda chyn-filwyr. 
Cliciwch ar y ddolen isod er mwyn gael mynediad i'r arolwg. Welsh Government Armed Forces Veterans Survey 
Rydym yn gwerthfawrogi'n fawr eich amser. 
Peter Evans Jessica Lacey TÎm Lluoedd Arfog Veterans scoping exercise 


The Welsh Government’s Armed Forces team is currently running a scoping exercise in order to identify gaps in services for Veterans and their families in Wales. 
We would be delighted in hearing from you if you are Ex-Service / a veteran, a family member of someone who has served or an organisation working with veterans. 
Please click on the link below to access the survey Welsh Government Armed Forces Veterans Survey
We greatly appreciate your time. 
Peter Evans Jessica Lacey Armed Forces team

13th November 2018


Your Broadband Connection


Pembrokeshire County Council is working on a number of initiatives to better connect the County.

They would like to ask all users of the internet who have poor broadband speeds to provide details, so that they can map where the problems lie.

Newport Town Council would like to ask you to check your broadband speed if you are having problems. One easy way is to go to the website-:

Apparently  the UK's average broadband speed at 16.51Mbps, but whether that is fast enough for you will of course depend on what you are using it for.

If you know you have low speed and problems please help PCC with their mapping by providing the following information.








Please keep comments brief

Email these to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thank you

1st November 2018

Skatepark Update

The Council is truly sorry for the long delays.
Here is the background-:

The original skatepark was supplied by a company called Rhino in Hungerford and
PCC  insisted that the equipment be repaired with genuine Rhino parts.
A representative of Rhino visited in the Spring , and identified the parts required.
The parts were ordered.
They are manufactured in Belgium and there was a delay in supply and delivery.
When they arrived Wyn of Property Refurb kindly agreed to fit with volunteer help.
This process started promptly.
When the carcass of the equipment was exposed it became clear that an additional part was required.
It is arguable that the Rhino rep should have noticed this when he carried out his inspection.
The part was ordered promptly and Rhino announced that there would be a delay due to summer holidays in Belgium.
The part never arrived despite Lowri's promptings.
An invoice was received but not paid 
We have now established that Rhino have ceased trading.
Our Vice Chair Jano contacted Ramps Skateparks in Llanelli and on the 17th our Chair John Griffiths and Jano met them at the skatepark to take a look at the state of the ramps. We are now waiting for a quote to repair the park which will be put before the Town Council.

We hope to resolve this as soon as possible.

19th October 2018

"Canolfan Croeso Welcome Centre" - an update

When Pembrokeshire National Parks decided to sell Newport Visitor Centre, Newport Town Council responded by submitting a comprehensive application for a Community Asset Transfer. As a result NTC in April this year succeeded in getting an offer from PCNPA to lease the building for 30 years at £1 per year rent. This was fantastic news, but just the beginning!

Next we had to agree the terms of the lease between NTC and PCNPA. As many of you understand, this involves extensive negotiation on the details of terms and conditions in the agreement. All eventualities have to be covered. Thanks to a lot of hard work on both sides and the helpfulness of PCNPA we are finally arriving at the stage where we shall be able to sign on the dotted line.

Once that's done we need to remove an internal wall to fit in the Library and the Visitor Centre. For this we needed to draw up detailed internal layout plans, get a structural engineer report, permission from National Parks, prepare a brief for competitive tenders from builders, and then choose the best bid.

We shall be starting that work as soon as the handover happens. We shall also be putting up units and shelves and decorating ready for the Library and Visitor Centre.

In the middle of all this we suddenly realised that the Public Service Broadband system would be removed by PCNPA and then, in order for the PCC to link to the Library in its new premises, it would need to be reinstalled at great cost and importantly delay. Thankfully both authorities have agreed that the system will be left in place and the transfer process is ongoing.

Simultaneously Newport Town Council applied for an Enhancing Pembrokeshire Grant to cover some of the costs of this process. Getting together all the documentation and information requested took weeks to complete. We hope to hear whether we have succeeded fairly soon. Until then nothing can start.

At the moment we are negotiating the terms of a sublease (drafted by our solicitor) between NTC and the Library group as our tenants in the building. This will then need to be submitted to PCNPA for its approval. We would like to see the Library moving in by the end of November.

Once the Library has been installed, the next stage will be to bring together the volunteers who want to be part of the exciting project of making our own Newport visitor centre.

It has been a very intense process which has entailed a lot of persistence and hard work. Newport Town Council is determined to make Canolfan Croeso Welcome Centre a centre that Newport can be proud of. Thanks to all of you who have expressed support.

Thank you 


19th October 2018 

Election Result


There was an excellent turnout of 418 members of the community who came out to vote in the election for a new town councillor to replace recently retired chairman Mike Phillips.

Here is the result-:




Newport Celebrates Geraint Thomas' winning Tour de France

Newport is celebrating the achievement of welsh cyclist Geraint Thomas' winning the Tour de France.

The castle has been illuminated yellow to match the winning cyclist yellow jersey.

Cllr Paul Harries set the wheels in motion after he was approached by local resident Alun Davies with the idea of lighting up the castle in celebration of Thomas’ win.

The castle has been lit up with the kind permission of castle leaseholders Liza and Robin Watson, and the support of the town council.

IMG 3532

 Photo by Newport Town Council chairman John Griffiths

6th August 2018

Newport Visitor Centre 

Invitation to tender for building works for Newport Town Council

Newport Town Council has entered into a Community Asset Transfer with Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority (PCNPA) of the old Visitor Centre on Long Street and will be converting the interior, ready for the use of Newport Community Library and a new visitor service.
We are looking for a building contractor to carry out these works once the lease has been finalised. As tenants we have a responsibility to ensure all works on the building are carried out to a good and workmanlike standard to the reasonable satisfaction of PCNPA.


  1. To remove and store specified fixtures to a safe place during work.

  2. To remove wall as specified and make good to a high standard.

    Care must be taken not to damage the underfloor heating or any existing fixtures. The heating thermostat on the wall will be moved to a suitable alternative location to be discussed.

    All skirtings to be matched and fixed.

  3. To build shelves and units according to the design and in consultation with Cllr. Jano Williams (for contact details see below)

  4. To refix the specified fixtures in the designated places as shown in the plan to be obtained on request.

  5. To make good the damaged alcove.

  6. On completion of construction work to paint the specified fixtures and fill all holes and

    cracks in the walls and paint all walls in a matching white emulsion.


  1. No more than two sides of A4 - detailing the total number of days required to undertake the work, and the daily rate.

  2. Statement of whether VAT is included in the figures.

  3. If VAT registered, VAT registration number.

10.Tenderer to confirm that they have appropriate insurance including Public Liability Insurance and if required to produce evidence.

11.Please give brief details of experience and/or of recent work.
12.All works are to be itemised and priced accordingly.
13.To visit the site, obtain copies of the plans and discuss the project please contact-:

Cllr. Jano Williams

01239 821266 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





14.Any work not conforming to the specification will be remedied by the contractor at their own expense and to the satisfaction of the Town Council.

15.Any damage incurred by the contractor will be remedied by the contractor at their own expense and to the satisfaction of the Town Council.

16.Any issues arising during works must be raised with the representative of the Town Council Cllr. Jano Williams. Decisions taken by the contractor without such consultation may have to be rectified at the contractor's expense.


A contractor will be selected on basis of acceptable price and previous experience. The lowest price tender may not necessarily be the one selected.

Tenders shall be submitted 
in a sealed envelope marked -:
“Private. Sealed tender for Visitor Centre building works for Newport Town Council” by the 28th August 2018 at 5pm to -:

The Town Clerk
Unit 3 Old School Lower St Mary Street Newport Pembs SA420TS

Thursday, 2nd August 2018



Retired chairman of the Council Mike Phillips and Councillor Jon Letten repairing the play equipment
IMG 3431
The play equipment is inspected regularly 

            However if anyone notices an issue which requires urgent attention please contact the Council.

28 July 2018



The suppliers of the parts to repair the skateboard park have informed the Town Council that they have ordered the final part for the repair. It is manufactured in Belgium and will be shipped as soon as the factory reopens after the Summer Holidays. We appreciate your patience with this.

28 July 2018



Statement Of Persons Nominated NEWPORT copy 


30 May 2018

Urgent appeal for O neg and B neg donors as increase in demand for certain blood types leads to fall in stocks

NHS Blood and Transplant needs donors with O negative and B negative blood to donate now as stocks are critically low due to a bank holiday drop off in donations and a proportionate increase in demand for certain blood types.

The lack of O negative and B negative donors giving blood in the run up to the bank holiday has meant that stocks of these groups could fall below 2 days. So, NHS Blood and Transplant are asking anyone who knows they have these blood types but may have not donated before to give blood now.

However, there is a longer-term problem putt ing real pressure on these blood groups, particularly stocks of O nega ive.

O negative is increasingly being used as an emergency substitute for Ro blood because we don't have enough Ro blood to meet demand*. This rare subtype is more common in black people, but most people don÷t know t hey have t his subt ype unt il t hey donat e and there is a huge shortage of Ro blood donors.

Currently, there are 15,000 people living with Sickle Cell in the UK, and over 300 new babies born each year with the condition. The urgent need for O negat ive and B negat ive is driven by changes in how sickle cell is treated which has signiflcantly driven up demand and we are st ruggling to match this.

There is current ly an urgent appeal for more people from t he black communit y t o give blood, as NHS Blood and Transplant needs at least 40,000 new black donors to help these patients. Over 7,000 have come forward since our appeal last June, but more are needed t o help ease t he pressure on blood st ocks and make sure people in need receive t he best possible blood mat ch.

O negative is also the ’universal÷blood group and is often used when a patient ÷s blood t ype is not known, like in emergency
sit uat ions.

B negative stocks are low also because many patients with serious blood disorders, like sickle cell, need B negative blood. Only 2% of donors are B negative and it is a blood group more common in black people.

O negat ive and B negative donors can walk in and donat e at one of our dedicat ed donor cent res, wit hout t he need t o make an appointment or can call 0300 123 23 23 to ask for a priority appoint ment at one of our communit y blood sessions.

Mike Stredder, Direct or of Blood Donat ion at NHS Blood and Transplant said:

”The overall demand for blood is declining year on year. However, the need for speciflc blood groups such as Ro blood type and O negative are on the increase.

”We need an additional 4,000 regular O negative donors to those we have now to consistently provide seriously ill patients with the

blood they need. If you know you are O negative or B negative and have never donated before, now is the time to make a difference.

”If you are O or B negative, please call us on 0300 123 23 23 to get a priority appointment or walk in to one of our flxed site donor centres to give blood.‘ 


Click here for your nearest walk in centre




Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority: Local Development Plan Update      Monday 23rd May 2018

Land Allocations and large residential sites – 

The Deposit Local Development Plan has been published for consultation.  Closing date 4.40 pm Friday 1 June 2018.

The Authority has prepared an Initial Consultation Report which gives further details of the Preferred Strategy Consultation process, summarises the main issues raised by the consultation, and provides summaries of representations together with the Authority’s response.

The Report summaries comments received on sites on the Candidate Site Register and new or amended sites received. The Authority’s response is also set out.

All the documents can be found at this link -:         PCNPA Initial Consultation Report

 The Deposit Plan maps can be found at -:                   The Deposit Plan

23rd May 2018


Visitor Centre update (Thursday 19th April )


Newport Town Council's Expression of Interest with its comprehensive business plan was chosen by Pembrokeshire Coast National Parks to be the preferred applicant for the Community Asset Transfer of the Visitor Centre building on Long Street. This is very exciting news and is the result of many months of hard work by the Town Council and Newport Library Working Group representatives on the Newport Town Council Community Asset Working Group. 

The National Park has prepared draft Heads of Terms of the proposed lease between the National Park and Newport Town Council.
These terms have been approved  in principle, subject to contract, by the Council, and the National Park has instructed its solicitors to prepare the draft lease.
The Council has instructed solicitors to deal with the matter on behalf of the Council.
The Council's solicitors now await receipt of the draft lease



 as @ 6/4/18 

1 & 2 Bank Cottages, Long Street, Newport




In response to an Expression of Interest  received from Newport Town Council dated 26/2/18 the National Park Authority approved the following recommendation (see italic text below) at their meeting on the 28/3/18:

That Member’s authorise Officers to progress detailed discussions with Newport Town Council to the exclusion of all others in pursuit of a possible Community Asset Transfer of its premises at Long Street in Newport. It is proposed that discussions progress on a leasehold basis and that an update on those discussions should form the subject of a further paper for consideration by Members within the next 6 months. 

The following terms are now put forward for the consideration of Newport Town Council to facilitate the transfer of the subject premise to Newport Town Council at an early date with full vacant possession upon the prior completion of a new occupational lease.


Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority

Llanion Park,

Pembroke Dock,


SA72 6DY 

 F.A.O. Gary Meopham 


Newport Town Council

Unit 3 The Old School

Lower St Mary Street



SA42 0TS

F.A.O  Cllr Jano Williams

The Demise

The land shown edged red on the attached plan known as 1 & 2 Bank Cottages, Long Street, Newport 




30 years commencing 1st June  2018


The rent shall be fixed at £1pa for the duration of the lease and be paid annually in advance on the anniversary of the lease commencement date if demanded.

Break Option

A   tenant only break option to terminate the lease and surrender the site back to the Landlord with full  vacant possession at any time conditional upon service of not less than 1 years  prior written notice


Permitted Use

The use of the demise shall be limited to that of a community library and for the provision of information services to the wider public and the retail sale of merchandise ancillary to that information service, and to provide administrative accommodation ancillary to the Lessees statutory function as a community council.


Repairs & Maintenance

The Lessee shall be solely responsible for repairing and maintaining the demise 

Business Rates 

The Lessee shall be solely responsible for all taxes 


The Lessee shall be solely responsible for all utility costs


There shall be an absolute prohibition against the Lessee erecting any new structure or buildings upon the demise without the Lessors prior written consent which shall not be unreasonably withheld.


There shall be an absolute prohibition against the assignment or underletting of the whole of the demise or the subletting of part of the demise. Sharing use of part of the demise will be permitted under an appropriately documented licence agreement the wording of which must expressly exclude the statutory security of tenure provisions of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954.     


The Lessee shall be responsible for maintaining buildings cover. The Lessee shall also be responsible for providing their own contents and public liability cover for the whole of the demise.    



Time Scale:

All parties wish to see this matter completed as soon as possible

Legal Costs:

Each party to be responsible for their own legal costs in documenting this transaction. 


All figures quoted are exclusive of VAT (if applicable)


  1. Subject to Contract
  1. Subject to National Park Authority approval at the next available opportunity being the Authority’s meeting on the 16th May 2018
  1. Subject to the exclusion of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954 security of tenure provisions
  1. Subject to agreeing an inventory listing those items of the Landlords fixtures and fitting which are to be retained at the demise for the use of the tenant  



Thursday 19th April 







Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority: Local Development Plan (Thursday 19th April )

Information which has changed since November 2017 is shown in red.



Site Name

Latest Position


Brynhir, Tenby

PCC Property team having ongoing negotiations with a preferred bidder for the site.  Pembrokeshire County Council (as landowner) has been discussing options for delivery of housing on this site. The site has not been re-allocated in the Deposit Revision Local Development Plan and the Centre boundary for Tenby has been redrawn to exclude the land.


Former Hospital Site, Tenby

Ten units currently under construction.


Rectory Car Park, Tenby

The landowners do not wish to develop the site. The land has not been re-allocated for development in the Deposit Revision Local Development Plan.


West of Narberth Road, Tenby

Agent for the landowners has advised that a planning application to develop the site will be submitted soon and that the landowners wish to develop the site in the short-term. The land has been submitted as a Candidate Site for consideration as a residential allocation in the revised Local Development Plan. It has not been reallocated in the Deposit Revision Local Development Plan and the Centre boundary for Tenby has been redrawn to exclude the land. An outline application for 14 market dwellings only has been submitted by the landowners. 


Butts Car Park, Tenby

PCC as landowner has advised that the need to provide an alternative car park makes development of this site uneconomic at present and large uplifts in the market will be required to unlock the site for development. Despite this they have resubmitted the site as a Candidate Site for an unspecified mixed use. The land has not been reallocated in the Deposit Revision Local Development Plan but remains within the Centre boundary.


Tenby Reservoir site

There has been no interest in bringing this site forward for development. The site has not been re- allocated for development in the Deposit Revision Local Development Plan.


Deer Park, Tenby

Remaining land as part of larger (Royal Gatehouse) site. No current activity.


Sergeant’s Lane, Tenby

Micro-brewery completed. Pre-application enquiry relating to other properties in the lane.


Rear of the Cambrian, Saundersfoot

8 houses, 4 flats and a live/work unitcompleted. 16 units remaining, including 6 affordable dwellings. 


North of Landway Farm, Jameston

Site completed. 


Opposite Bush Terrace, Jameston

Pre-application consultation by the landowner has been undertaken. Application expected soon.


Green Grove, Jameston

Outline application for 6 market dwellings and a site for 3 to 4 affordable dwellings approved.Permission for 3 affordable units granted and work on site has commenced. Plot 1 of the market housing plots given full permission. Anticipated that development of the affordable plots will be started before end March 2019 by Ateb (formerly Pembrokeshire Housing Association). 


Opposite Manorbier VC School, Manorbier Station

Ateb (formerly Pembrokeshire Housing Association) submitted a planning application for 23 affordable houses which will be considered by the National Park Authority at its meeting later this month following a site visit.


Land part of Buttylands, Manorbier Station

Pre-application enquiry relating to changes within the caravan park and to bring residential development forward. Application expected mid 2017 but not received to date.


Rear of Cross Park, New Hedges

Permission granted for 41 houses, including 3 affordable dwellings. Work on site commenced by Mill Bay Homes. Four of the units will be affordable, owned and managed by Ateb (formerly Pembrokeshire Housing Association). 


Adjacent Home Farm, Lawrenny

Site submitted as a Candidate Site for consideration for residential development in revised Local Development Plan. It has not been reallocated in the Deposit Revision Local Development Plan but is listed as a windfall site. The National Park Authority has resolved to grant planning permission for relocation of the farm buildings currently occupying part of the site, subject to receipt of a S106 Agreement relating to removal of the existing buildings. Further pre-application discussions have been held regarding an application to develop the site for market and affordable housing.


Ocean Heights, Saundersfoot

Planning permission granted for 4 plots. Two of the 4 plots completed. 


Fountains Café, South Beach, Tenby

Developer considering requirement for off-site provision of 5 affordable units. Three houses transferred to Ateb (formerly Pembrokeshire Housing Association) and a further 2 have been purchased by the developer.


Plot 5, Devon Court, Freshwater East

Planning permission granted for a dwelling. 


Information which has changed since November 2017 is shown in red.



North of Feidr Eglwys, Newport

Application for 35 dwellings (including 14 affordable dwellings) submitted March 2015 approved November 2015.


Adj to the Business Park, Newport

Site has been submitted as a Candidate Site for consideration as residential allocation in the revised Local Development Plan. The land has not been re-allocated in the Deposit Revision Local Development Plan but remains within the Centre boundary for Newport.


Opposite Bay View Terrace, Dinas Cross

Landowner has no intention to develop the land. The land has not been re-allocated in the Deposit Revision Local Development Plan and the Centre boundary for Dinas Cross has been redrawn to exclude the land.


Newport Garage site

Site completed.


Rear of Belle Vue, Rosebush

Technical start made on site to preserve permission.


Information which has changed since November 2017 is shown in red.



West Glasfryn Road, St Davids

A planning application for 32 affordable homes, 38 shared ownership and market homes and a hotel has been submitted.It is currently scheduled to be considered at the June meeting of the Authority’s Planning Committee.


Adj Ysgol Bro Dewi, St Davids

Site has not been developed.Part of the site has been submitted as a Candidate Site for consideration as a residential allocation in the revised Local Development Plan.


South of St Davids Assemblies, St Davids

There has been no developer interest in this land since the Plan was adopted. (Employment allocation). The land has not been re-allocated in the Deposit Revision Local Development Plan and the Centre boundary for St Davids has been redrawn to exclude the land.


Between Glasfryn and Millard Park, St Davids

There has been no developer interest in this land since the Plan was adopted. The land has not been re-allocated in the Deposit Revision Local Development Plan and the Centre boundary for St Davids has been redrawn to exclude the land.


Adj Bro Dawel, Solva

Pembrokeshire County Council has given a commitment to Solva Community to retain a small football field within the site. The site has not been re- allocated in the Deposit Revision Local Development Plan and the land has been excluded from the Centre boundary for Solva.


Bank House, Solva

The site was submitted as a Candidate Site for consideration as a residential allocation in the revised Local Development Plan. The site has not been re-allocated in the Deposit Revision Local Development Plan but remains within the Centre boundary for Solva.


North of Heol Crwys, Trefin

There has been no interest in bringing this site forward for development. The site has not been re- allocated in the Deposit Revision Local Development Plan and the land has been excluded from the Centre boundary for Trefin.


Information which has changed since November 2017 is shown in red.



South of Driftwood Close, Broad Haven

The site and a further area beyond has been submitted as a Candidate Site for consideration as a residential allocation in the revised Local Development Plan. The site same site area has been included in the Deposit Revision Local Development Plan but not the extended area. The National Park Authority has resolved to grant planning permission for 18 dwellings at this site (including 6 affordable dwellings) subject to a S106 Agreement. The site has been purchased by Waterstone Homes.


North-east of Marine Road, Broad Haven

Landowners are undertaking surveys to bring site forward for development. The site and a further area beyond has been submitted as a Candidate Site for consideration as a residential allocation in the revised Local Development Plan. The site and area beyond has been included as a residential allocation in the Deposit Revision Local Development Plan. It is anticipated that a planning application to develop the site will be submitted this year.


Castle Way, Dale

Landowner has no intention to develop the land at present. The site has been submitted as a Candidate Site for consideration as a residential allocation in the revised Local Development Plan. The site has not been included in the Deposit Revision Local Development Plan as an allocation and the Centre boundary for Dale has been redrawn to exclude the land.


East of Herbrandston Hall, Herbrandston

There has been no interest in bringing this site forward for development. The site has not been included in the Deposit Revision Local Development Plan as an allocation and the Centre boundary for Herbrandston has been redrawn to exclude the land.


Adj the School, St Ishmaels

Outline planning permission for 27 market dwellings on part of the site was refused in November 2015 as applicants were unwilling to revisit site viability with regard to the provision of affordable housing.An appeal was dismissed.Outline planning permission for 13 dwellings including 3 affordable dwellings granted September 2016 (on the area to the east of the School). The site was submitted as a Candidate Site for consideration as a residential allocation in the revised Local Development Plan and the land with planning permission only has been allocated for residential development in the Deposit Revision Local Development Plan. The remaining land has not been reallocated and the Centre boundary for St Ishmaels has been redrawn to exclude the land.


Site of former Sir Benfro Hotel, Herbrandston

Site is being developed. Ten dwellings have now been completed and all but 4 of the remaining plots are under construction, including 8 affordable units to be owned and managed by Ateb (formerly Pembrokeshire Housing Association). 


Boulson Manor, Uzmaston

First of 5 dwellings to be completed by end of 2015 with the remainder in the next 1-2 years. No building activity evidence on the site in April 2018.


Blockett Farm, Little Haven

Permission granted for 6 dwellings including 3 affordable dwellings. Technical start made to preserve the permission.

Thursday 19th April 

Survey Result Poster copy

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park LDP Consultation
Annwyl Ymgynghorai, 
Ymgynghori ar Adroddiad Monitro Blynyddol Cynllun Datblygu Lleol Parc Cenedlaethol Arfordir Penfro
Mae Awdurdod Parc Cenedlaethol Arfordir Penfro yn ymgynghori ar Adroddiad Monitro Blynyddol 2017.
Bydd y cyfnod ymgynghori yn rhedeg tan 12 canol dydd ddydd Gwener 1 Mehefin 2018.
Dylid dychwelyd sylwadau naill ai'n ysgrifenedig at Dîm Cyfarwyddyd y Parc, Awdurdod Parc Cenedlaethol Arfordir Penfro, Parc Llanion, Doc Penfro, Sir Benfro, SA72 6DY neu drwy’r e-bost atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Os oes gennych unrhyw ymholiadau ynglŷn â'r dogfennau, cysylltwch â Thîm Cyfarwyddyd y Parc ar 01646 624800. Gellir darparu copïau papur, am bris bach.
Bydd pob sylw yn cael ei gydnabod a’i wneud yn gyhoeddus. Bydd yr holl sylwadau yn cael eu cyflwyno gerbron yr Awdurdod Parc Cenedlaethol. Hysbysir pob un fydd wedi cyflwyno sylwadau am ganlyniad cyfarfod yr Awdurdod.
Am ragor o wybodaeth, cysylltwch â Chyfarwyddyd y Parc yn Awdurdod Parc Cenedlaethol Arfordir Penfro, ffoniwch 01646 624800 neu e-bostiwchThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Ym mhle mae gweld y dogfennau
Mae'r dogfennau ar gael i'w lawrlwytho o wefan yr Awdurdod Parc Cenedlaethol a gellir eu gweld ar-lein yn swyddfeydd yr Awdurdod Parc Cenedlaethol ac yn y llyfrgelloedd cyhoeddus.
Gellir gweld copïau papur o Adroddiad Monitro Blynyddol Cynllun Datblygu Lleol Parc Cenedlaethol Arfordir Penfro yng Nghanolfan Croeso Tyddewi yn ystod eu horiau agor arferol. (Gwiriwch yr oriau agor gyda'r llyfrgell neu'r swyddfa neu'r Ganolfan Croeso).
Hefyd gellir gweld copi papur o'r dogfennau ym Mhencadlys yr Awdurdod Parc Cenedlaethol ym Mharc Llanion, oriau agor: Dydd Llun - Dydd Iau 9am - 5pm a Dydd Gwener o 9am - 4.30pm.
Yn gywir
Martina Dunne
Pennaeth Cyfarwyddyd y Parc
Awdurdod Parc Cenedlaethol Arfordir Penfro
Dear Consultee
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Local Development Plan Annual Monitoring Report Consultation
The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority is consulting on the Annual Monitoring Report 2017.
The consultation period will run until 12 midday on Friday, 1 June 2018.
Comments should be returned either in writing to The Park Direction Team, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, Llanion Park, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, SA72 6DY or by email toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If you have any queries regarding the documents please contact the Park Direction Team on 01646 624800. Paper copies can be provided, at a small cost.
All comments will be acknowledged and will be made public. All comments will be reported to the National Park Authority. All commentators will be advised of the outcome of the Authority meeting.
For more information, contact Park Direction at Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority call 01646 624800 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Where to view the documents
The documents are available to download from the National Park Authority web site and can be viewed online at the National Park Authority offices and public libraries.
Paper copies of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Local Development Plan Annual Monitoring Report can be viewed at St Davids Information Centre during their normal opening hours. (Please check opening hours with the library or office or Information Centre).
A paper copy of the documents can also be viewed at the National Park Authority Head Office at Llanion Park, opening hours: Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm and Fridays from 9am - 4.30pm.
Yours sincerely
Martina Dunne
Head of Park Direction
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority




Newport Visitor Centre Update

Some people have expressed their concern about the closure of the Visitor Centre, which is understandable. PCNPA’s decision to close the service has left a very large gap in the Newport community.

The Town Council’s decision to submit an expression of interest in a Community Asset Transfer was in response to the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority’s voting to reject 2 separate proposals from the Newport community on September 27th.

1. From the Town Council - to request to lease the building, relocate the library into the premises, with the expectation of some involvement from the PCNPA to support a visitor service. This proposal was supported by the Library Group with the inclusion of its business plan.

2.From the Visitor Centre Action Group - a proposal which included the PCNPA keeping on the building and a visitor service and relocating the library into the premises.

The negative response by PCNPA was possibly partly due to receiving conflicting submissions and also the assumptions made in both about the subsequent extent of involvement of the PCNPA in the visitor service. PCNPA had already decided it wanted to minimise its involvement in Newport's Visitor Centre in favour of alternative ways of delivering the service.

As a result a third option was voted for at the the PCNPA meeting which proposed that a visitor service be moved in to the premises currently occupied by the Newport Community Library and be manned mostly by them. The library is in unsuitable premises and the group had not been consulted about this idea. Their preferred option is to move into the premises on Long St. alongside a visitor service with the support of the Town Council.

Newport Town Council, in response to this decision, wrote to the the PCNPA expressing its interest in a Community Asset Transfer of the property for the community, the Library and a visitor centre. PCNPA members voted unanimously to explore the possibility of a CAT.

In order to set the process in motion, the possibility of applying for a CAT must be made available to any interested parties. The sign outside the property advertising this, which many will have seen, is advertising this opportunity. The sign was put up on January 15th and the deadline for expressions of interest set for 28th February 2018.

To assist in our application the Town Council has taken on a consultant from One Voice Wales, who has expertise in this area, to assist us in this process. Should the Town Council be successful in entering into negotiations with PCNPA we would like to reassure you that we shall be working hard to get the best possible outcome for Newport Community Library and the visitor service.

We have had many expressions of support for our work including, apart from individual expressions, a vote in support of Newport Town Council’s proposal to acquire the building at the meeting of Newport Community Forum Coordinating Committee on the 7th November and at a public meeting on the 16th of November, called by the Visitor Centre Action Group, in which the public overwhelmingly expressed their support for the Town Council proposal.

Newport Town Council also hope that the 1400 people who signed the petition realise we are working hard to obtain the best result possible.
Should we succeed in our negotiations we shall need a solid group of volunteers to run the Visitor Centre. Support for this will be pivotal regardless of how much or how little PCNPA wish to be involved.

While some may feel that the Town Council should now be pressing the PCNPA to reopen the centre prior to the possibility of our being the preferred candidate in the Expression of Interest, we are acutely aware that any antagonising actions by the Town Council could jeopardise our chances and that if that were so, the centre could be lost to the community, the Library and a visitor service.

We hope this makes the situation clear and that the community appreciates that we are working hard and with determination to get a great outcome. 








                                      Skate Park Closed Until Further Notice

Following an inspection by Pembrokeshire County Council which highlighted various faults with the equipment, Newport Playing Field Trustees have decided to close the Skate Park until further notice.

Neither the Newport Playing Field trustees nor their insurers will be responsible for any accidents that may happen on the skatepark site.


Yn dilyn arolygiad gan Cyngor Sir Benfro a wnaeth amlygu nifer  o  ddiffygion  gyda’r  

offer, mae Ymddiriedolwyr Maes Chwarae Trefdraeth wedi penderfynnu cae’r Parc Sglefrio nes y clywir yn wahanol.

Ni fydd Ymddiredolwyr Maes Chwarae Trefdraeth na’u yswirwyr yn gyfrifol am unrhyw ddamweiniau a all ddigwydd ar safle’r Parc Sglefrio. 


Visitor Centre 1

    Bee Friendly press release 1                                             




Newport Town Council A487 meeting with Traffic Agency

After many years of frustrated attempts to get action from the South Wales Traffic Road Agency to deal with the dangers on the A487 through Newport and Nevern, Newport Town Council invited representatives of the Traffic Agency, the Welsh Government and Dyfed Powys Police to answer questions. On the 16th October the meeting was attended by Town Councillors from Newport and Nevern, Pembrokeshire's AM Mr Paul Davies, members of Newport Community Forum and members of the public.

Nevern councillors were first to point out that, since rebuilding the bridge into Felindre Farchog, which had acted as a natural speed restraint, cars were now driving at excessive speeds round the bends in the hamlet and residents anticipated a serious accident. There has been over 7 years of correspondence about this and there is still no concrete proposal.

Mr Mark Emmet from the Welsh Government said a speed survey had shown that average speeds were below the 40mph limit. When he was asked about the possibility of installing a speed activated sign, he pointed out that it would not be cost effective and that the Welsh Government is against a proliferation of such signs. Cllr. Ron Rees requested that such a sign be installed for a few months' trial. Sgt. Williams from Dyfed Powys police said he would talk with the Road Safety Traffic Partnership and arrange a site meeting.

At this point Cllr. Paul Harries said that there has been a problem of communication with the Welsh Government regarding these issues and requested that this feedback be taken back to them. He then raised the longstanding issue of a pedestrian/cyclist path from Llwyngwair Manor into Newport. At present there is only a narrow grass verge alongside the fast traffic on the A487. He said that for many years this issue had been outstanding, there had been a lack of productive communication and stressed that this was a matter of urgency. Huw Griffin (South Wales Traffic Road Agency) said the delay had been caused by the transfer of information when SWTRA took over in 2012.

There were further issues raised concerning Newport, including the lack of a footpath on the Fishguard side, dangerous stretches and blind spots on the A487 in the Fishguard direction.
Within the centre of Newport the dangerously narrow pavements outside homes and shops has long been a cause for concern in the community. One business owner told how wing mirrors extend over the pavement and pedestrians had been hit. Customers in her shop were shocked by the potential for a serious accident. A resident described opening her front door to be faced by a passing lorry inches away. Cllr Harries pointed out in order to push a buggy through the town you would have to cross the A487 several times in order to avoid these hazards. Mark Emmet from the Welsh Government responded that the pavements should be widened and investigation needed to be started sooner rather than later.

On a positive note Councillor Harries praised the the Trunk Road Agency for its recent resurfacing work which had been appreciated by the community.
A member of Newport Forum then expressed his concern that there had been no significant assurances that the issues raised would be addressed in the foreseeable future.

Paul Davies AM also expressed his frustration that he is unable to make direct contact with the Trunk Road Agency and he will continue to raise this matter with the Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport, whenever the opportunity presents itself.
Winding up, Cllr Paul Harries thanked the representatives for coming to the meeting and reiterated the need for the Welsh Government to communicate better with local communities. This meeting was a step in the right direction. 



On Sunday the 20th December the 'Flood Prevention Team' of the *'Old GITS Club'* valiantly braved life and limb to clear the blocked culvert at the Cwm.
Due to this blockage hundreds of residents and holiday makers had to take their life in their hands wading through the torrent of water which was cascading over the costal path at the Cwm.  Risking being swept of the path into the raging seas.
Our gallant heros, foresaking all risk to life and limb, bravely waded into the torrent to clear the blockage.  It was feared that the pressure of water would wash away the structure, which the National Park Authority had only this year replaced, at any moment taking our intrepid stalwarts with it.  But, in front of the crowd which had gathered, they bravely struggled on and due to thier sterling efforts, the culvert was cleared and the public were once more able to safely cross the Cwm.

Gits Flood Prevent rThe Old GITS Flood Prevention Team.